How Up⤴️ Reduced Their Time To Market by 3X with Bytebeam

Upliance by Up is a smart all-in-one kitchen appliance that assists people in cooking.

It is built by Mahek Mody (ex-Ather Energy) and Mohit Sharma (ex-Chaayos)

Upliance helps users perform multiple cooking functions like chopping, sauteing, frying, and cooking. It also offers serving suggestions to the user. It guides both novice and experienced cooks in preparing fast and tasty food at home.


Down Time

3 Months

Down Time

60 mins

Down Time


Up⤴️ was facing technical challenges like lack of user insights, manual bug fixes, and curbing misuse of the product by the user while building Upliance - a smart cooking appliance that helps users execute multiple cooking functions efficiently. With the help of Bytebeam, Up⤴️ was able to resolve the issues above and provide a better user experience in no time. Read the case study to know more. 


  • Upliance comes with an Android tablet for managing different cooking functions and browsing recipes. The tablet, however, was used for casual browsing of other apps on the internet like Youtube.
  • Up⤴️ wanted more insights into their device usage and user experience to iterate better versions of their product. Details like undercooked or overcooked food were important to obtain in real-time.
  • For product issues, a service engineer had to conduct multiple user sessions to understand the issue and then visit the device location to debug and fix them. This was time-consuming and costly and led to a bad user experience.


  • Bytebeam configured the Up⤴️ android app in a kiosk mode- to restrict third-party applications. This ensured that users utilized Upliance more efficiently.
  • Upliance was integrated with Bytebeam’s data pipeline to receive user insights parameters in real-time. The android log management feature further supplemented this to generate device usage and failure logs.
  • We enabled the Remote shell feature to access devices and debug user issues remotely.
  • Using the Over-the-Air(OTA) update feature, product enhancements, and issue resolutions were done remotely without any downtime.


  • Using Bytebeam, Up⤴️ was able to narrow down user engagement to specific apps and deliver a far superior experience of the product to its users.
  • Up⤴️ generated user and product insights even during the testing and prototyping stage helping them iterate and improvise on their product faster. This reduced their time to market to just three months
  • Remote debugging and OTAs brought down operational redundancies and time to fix issues came down from days to hours.
  • With combined capabilities of device logs, data insights, and OTA updates, Up⤴️ consistently offers more optimized features for a better user experience.

"At Up⤴️ we develop products with consumer in the loop and real world testing. Our product development was rapid thanks to the ByteBeam's data pipeline. We were able to make clear data driven product decisons, fast"

Mahek Mody

CEO, Up⤴️liance

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