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Exponent Energy is building an infrastructure allowing every type of vehicle to go electric seamlessly. Led by Ather’s ex-CPO Arun Vinayak & ex-HUL executive Sanjay Byalal, Exponent energy is focused on helping the EV industry to scale from 1 to 100. They deliver 15-minute rapid charging for electric vehicles in India today.


Different data points every second


Data points per device


Exponent simplifies energy flow between chargers and batteries. They wanted to proactively monitor their battery health, and analyze their performance in different conditions. Using Bytebeam, they were able to collect over 300 data points every second. Read the case study to know more.


  • Exponent wanted to proactively monitor the health of the batteries and detect granular issues such as overcurrent, overheating, and degrading cell shell life to increase the battery performance.
  • Secondly, they wanted to set up charging infrastructure and they wanted a solution that did its job at both places.
  • They also wanted to focus on core product development and create significant product differentiators instead of worrying about data engineering capabilities.


  • Bytebeam enabled a data platform that would help Exponent monitor the health batteries in the field. The platform helped the exponent collect over 300 different data points every second.
  • The Bytebeam data platform reported all battery-related errors and issues to help increase efficiency.
  • Bytebeam took over datay engineering capabilities and helped integrate the data with data science & AI/ML tools.


  • Bytebeam was integrated and devices were onboarded in weeks instead of months. As a result, Exponent could detect issues and resolve them in no time
  • Approximately 4M data points per device were sent to the platform every hour during product development, enabling data-backed decision-making toward improving efficiency.
  • Bytebeam’s vertical integration cloud platform acted as a layer of intelligence on top of the network of chargers and batteries developed by Exponent and sped up R&D

"Thanks to Bytebeam, we focus on core product development now and not worry about building a data engineering team"

Arun Vinayak

CEO Exponent Energy

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