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Android device management that is
Scalable, Secure, Simple and Smart

Manage kiosks, vending machines, or any Android devices more efficiently with Bytebeam. Accelerate device onboarding, enhance customer interactions, step up security and gain a competitive edge in the market using our comprehensive solution.

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Success Story: Upliance debug issues 90% faster using Bytebeam
Upliance was facing challenges like lack of user insights, curbing device misuse and personalising recipes as they launched Delishup - a smart cooking appliance. With Bytebeam, Upliance was able to gain insights on the product usage, resolve the customer issues significantly faster and provide a better user experience.
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Key Features
Auto Setup your Devices
Setup your devices for training, onboarding, security and most importantly success
  • Auto update of security patches
  • Training mandate per login
  • Metadata based targeting
Remote Debugging
Debug issues faster with video logs and alerts. Ship fixes using OTA & monitor.
  • Error reports and device logs.
  • Video reports of key events
  • Fix them with remote login.
  • No costly visits and downtime. 
Device Upgrades & Security
Automate security of your device to prevent information leaks and device breaches.
  • Alerts for any breaches
  • Privacy and access control
  • Secure login
  • Schedule security updates 
Kiosk Mode
Preserve integrity and life of your device with enhanced security and controlled user experience
  • Single or multi app lockdown 
  • Custom UI
  • Usage Analytics & reporting 
  • Personalized Branding
Do more specific targeting, secure your devices and safeguard data from theft, etc 
  • Asset Tracking
  • Automated Alerts
  • Location based analytics & Customer engagement
Enforce compliance, ensure quick response, communicate better and train good behaviour
  • Custom metadata based alerts
  • Usage monitoring
  • Policy enforcement
  • Device health tracking
Minimum hassle, Maximum user engagement


faster resolution of customer issues


Reduction in downtime


Improved utilization of fleet


reduction in device vulnerability


Increased life of devices

16 hours

time saved per person per month

25% discount on yearly billing for 2024

Applicable for first 3 customers in 2024.
Bytebeam works seamlessly across industries
  • Secure handling of patient data
  • Remote monitoring of devices
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Rapid trouble shooting and reducing downtime
Kiosk & Vending Machines
  • Inventory management
  • Fleet monitoring
  • Customisation of content
  • Remote debugging
Home appliances
  • Data insights from the user
  • Personalisation of the devices as per user preference
  • Compliance and safety alerts
Restaurants & Take away
  • Monitor POS performance
  • Geolocation based customer targeting
  • Update menu remotely
Utilities & Energy
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Emergency Response & outage management
  • Fix issues remotely without site visit
EV charging stations
  • Remote diagnostics and fixes
  • Fleet utilisation & tracking
  • Increase uptime
  • Predictive maintenance
Elevate your smart device experience now with Bytebeam